Many people in the UK are struggling to sustain an acceptable retirement.

With the move away from defined benefit pension schemes and the erosion of state benefits, the associated reduction in retirement income will impact on the ever greater number of people.

Hundreds of thousands of people are sleep-walking into retirement without adequate financial provision to support themselves and their families.

There is no silver bullet that will alleviate this problem, but with home ownership at record levels in the UK – it is estimated that homeowners aged 65 or over own nearly £750 billion in unmortgaged property – there may be opportunities for retirees to make greater use of all of the assets at their disposal to satisfy their needs for liquidity.

Increasingly the policy debate has started to focus on housing equity withdrawal as part of the solution to funding individuals’ needs in retirement, such as helping to pay for long term care costs.

Strong consumer insight is essential in the development of robust policies. For this reason, Just Retirement conducted the largest ever UK primary consumer research study into usage and attitudes towards equity release.

Over 300 hours of interviews were undertaken with current and future retirees.

The initial qualitative stage of the Just Retirement research included intensive interviews, not only with people who could be candidates for equity release, but also with family members, their sons and daughters who may have an interest in any inheritance.

The insight and analysis from this phase shaped a second, major quantitative phase in which a further 1000 people were interviewed.

The information and research findings on this website are here to promote a discussion about the role that home equity could play in helping people finance their retirement.